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Nutchup Protein Squeezy Cashew Sauce Original 435 g

Looking for an alternative to peanut butter? We have a delicious, soft and creamy solution for you! Check out Nutchup Cashew Butter.This is a high-quality, creamy nut butter made from the best quality african cashews. It has very delicate, slightly sweet flavor and a soft, creamy texture.

It's a vegan friendly product that contains absolutely no sugar, salt, sweeteners or preservatives. This means that it is great for those who are on diets such as keto or vegan, but it also makes it suitable for people who want to avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It is rich in fibre and also a great source of protein!

Nutchup presents you with unlimited possibilities of consumption – it can be paired with porridge, pancakes, or smoothies. You can also make a variety of salad dressings based on cashew butter or use it as an ingredient in marinades for meats or vegetables.

Nutchup is also a great all-around snack that kids and parents can enjoy together! It's perfect for when you're on the go, because you can just squeeze it right out of the bottle! It's great for kids, because it's easy to use and fun! You can teach your children to prepare wholesome snacks on their own with Nutchup, and build healthy habits as well.

  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • no added salt
  • no added sugar
  • source of fibre and proteins
  • is available in 100% rPET bottles