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Nutchup Protein Squeezy Peanut Sauce with Hemp Oil 435 g

Nutchup Squeezy Peanut Sauce with Hemp Oil is a high-quality, creamy nut butter made from the best argentinian peanuts with addition of hemp oil. It's palm oil free and suitable for the vegan and keto diet. It is rich in fibre and also a source of protein!

Hemp oil is made from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L. var. sativa). It is cold-pressed from the seeds, and it has a characteristic taste and smell that can resemble sunflower or nuts. It is a natural source of saturated fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which reduce and regulate cholesterol, slowing the development of atherosclerosis. Hemp oil supports the proper functioning of internal organs like the stomach and liver, boosting immunity and supporting brain function.

Thanks to our squeezable bottle and mess-free lid, you can take our Nutchup wherever you go without worrying about making a mess or spilling it on your shirt. Plus, since it comes in an easy-to-store container, you can feel confident about packing it in your backpack or purse for an afternoon picnic with friends or an road trip!

  • no sugar added
  • source of protein
  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • rich in fibre
  • contains hemp oil