You've heard of it all—the keto diet, the sugar-free diet, the sugar-free sweeteners, the sugar-free foods. The thing is, these diets are not about depriving yourself of everything you enjoy—they're about enjoying delicious food without all of the extra stuff. And our LoCCo drops are here to help you do just that!

LoCCo drops: 0 calories per serving! Not only a sweetener with impunity, but also a frenzy of indescribable flavours - now every meal can be a feast for the senses. Use them to add some unique flavor to your favorite treats and drinks!

Made from the purest extracts of stevia leaves, a plant that not only adds sweetness to what we eat but is also health-promoting! It is a source of vitamin C and B vitamins and provides calcium, potassium magnesium zinc iron - it's even good for diabetics because it does not affect insulin levels.

  • 0 kcal, no fat and sugar in one portion
  • sweetneed with pro-health stevia
  • without preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and browning agents, without the addition of alcohol
  • suitable for the keto diet
  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians


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