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LoCCo Low Calorie 48 kcal Meringues Lemon 28 g

LoCCo Lemon Meringues - A sweet treat for a healthy lifestyle! Each meringue contains only 1 kcal per one meringue, so you can enjoy unlimited guilt-free and sugar free treats. With this pack you will get 48 kcal in total! They're delicate and crunchy, with lemon flavor and no added sugar. They will satisfy your craving for sweets, and they're the perfect addition to your daily coffee.

LoCCo Meringues contain inulin as a soluble fiber that helps support your gut microbiome and accelerate your weight loss process. It's also high in protein, so take our meringues with you to the gym and build muscle while you eat delicious treats.

Their packaging is also fully recyclable so we can reduce our impact on the environment while still providing you with great snacks that taste amazing

  • 1 kcal per one meringue, that’s only 48 kcal per the whole pack!
  • four amazing flavours available raspberry, lemon, natural and vanilla
  • no suggar added
  • fat free
  • high fibre
  • high protein