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Locco Low-calorie Special Christmas Edition Box

The Locco Low-calorie Special Christmas Edition Box is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a healthy lifestyle and tasty, sugar-free cuisine - or for yourself to enjoy during the holiday season.

Inside, you will find carefully selected low-calorie products that will surely delight you. The box contains special vanilla meringues with just 1 calorie, which have delighted customers with their flavor and low calorie count. Additionally, for coffee lovers, we have prepared three different flavors of low-calorie syrups: vanilla, creamy, and gingerbread. They will add unique flavor to your holiday beverages. The chocolate powder, perfect replacement for traditional cocoa or sugar in holiday baking, is also included.

To fully enjoy the unique Christmas flavor, the box also contains four flavors of small, low-calorie creams: toffee, salted caramel, milk chocolate, and chocolate hazelnut. They will undoubtedly be the perfect complement to your taste sensations.

The whole package is beautifully wrapped in stylish packaging that will delight any recipient. This Locco Low-calorie Special Christmas Edition Box will make these holidays truly special and delicious. To enhance the holiday atmosphere even further, instead of meringues, the set contains delicious chocolate powder that will sweeten this magical time even more.

*The ribbon shown in the picture will be attached to the box for tying by yourself

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