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Nutchup Protein Squeezy Peanut Sauce Original Christmas Edition 435 g

Introducing Nutchup - the perfect addition to your holiday meals! Made from the finest Argentine peanuts, this creamy peanut butter is vegan and keto-friendly, containing no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, salt, or oil. Enjoy the holiday season in a healthier version with Nutchup.

Our holiday Nutchup is not only delicious peanut butter but also a great gift idea for health-conscious individuals or peanut butter enthusiasts. Additionally, the bottle is decorated with a holiday-themed label, which is perfect for the festive table or under the Christmas tree.

Squeeze your favorite holiday peanut butter directly onto your holiday meals and feel the magic of the holidays. Savor every bite and bring the holiday spirit to your table. Get the holiday version of Nutchup and bring joy and flavor to everyone you love!