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LoCCo Low Calorie 48 kcal Meringues Vanilla 28 g

LoCCo Meringues Vanilla are the perfect sweet addition to your meals, whether you're looking for a treat or just want to add some extra fiber and protein to your diet. They have no added sugar and only 1 kcal per one meringue! That's only 48 kcal per whole pack! That means you can eat them guilt-free, even on your most restrictive diet. We make sure that every bite is flavorful but still good for you.

Fat free - enjoy tasty flavour of free from fat meringues and you can still keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle! No more need to give up sweet treats during your diet!

Rich in fibre & high protein - our meringues are not only delicious, but also beneficial to your health! A soluble fiber - inulin - supports your gut microbiome and accelerates the process of losing weight! What is more, 100 grams of product deliver about 14 grams of protein, so take them to the gym!

Their packaging is also fully recyclable so we can reduce our impact on the environment while still providing you with great snacks that taste amazing.And if you want to add even more vanilla flavour to your sweet snacks, also add LoCCo 6 kcal Powder Vanilla with Stevia to your cart.

  • 1 kcal per one meringue, that’s only 48 kcal per the whole pack!
  • four amazing flavours available vanilla, raspberry, lemon, and natural
  • no suggar added
  • fat free
  • high fibre
  • high protein