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Nutchup Healthy Starter Set

Introducing Nutchup Healthy Starter Set - Perfect for Every Diet!

Nutchup welcome pack is a unique product consisting of three variants of creamy peanut butter. Each bottle contains the finest Argentine peanuts, carefully processed to create delicious and healthy peanut butter with different consistencies and flavors. All variants are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and individuals following a ketogenic diet, making this trio an ideal choice for diverse dietary preferences.

Nutchup Squeezy Peanut Sauce Original
is a smooth and liquidy peanut butter, conveniently packaged in a squeeze bottle for easy dispensing onto meals. Free from palm oil, sugar, sweeteners, and preservatives, it is an excellent option for those looking to avoid artificial ingredients in their diet. This versatile product can be added to various dishes such as pancakes, salads, smoothies, burgers, and even pizza. It can also be a perfect addition to children's meals.

Nutchup Crunchy Peanut Sauce Salted Caramel
features peanut butter with crunchy peanut pieces, adding a delightful texture. Like the other variants, it is free from palm oil, sugar, and preservatives, making it suitable for keto and vegan diets. It can be used in multiple ways, from traditional sandwiches to dessert toppings, offering a perfect blend of sweet flavor and creamy peanut butter consistency.

Nutchup Squeezy Peanut Sauce with Himalayan Salt
is another option in the trio, providing a distinctive taste due to the presence of Himalayan salt. It, too, does not contain palm oil, sugar, or preservatives, making it a healthier alternative to conventional peanut butters. It works wonderfully as an addition to a variety of snacks, from sandwiches to salads, delivering not only a unique taste but also valuable nutrients.

All bottles are made from 100% rPET, which is environmentally friendly. The creamy consistency and convenient non-drip cap make the peanut butter easy to use and perfect for travel or picnics. Moreover, the high fiber and protein content further enrich the nutritional value of these products, offering a tasty and healthy choice for everyone.

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