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Locco 0 kcal Barista Syrup with Stevia Caramel Flavour

Would you like to add a delicate and aromatic caramel flavor to your favorite coffee without adding any calories? Here's the solution - our Barista Syrup 0 kcal Caramel Flavour, sweetened with stevia.

Our coffee syrup has been specially developed to satisfy the biggest coffee lovers who value low-calorie products.

One of the main advantages of our product is the fact that it contains zero calories in portion. This means you can enjoy the incredible taste of caramel without worrying about extra calories or the negative impact on your diet.

Syrup is also sweetened with a natural ingredient - stevia. Stevia is a plant-based, calorie-free sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar but leaves a pleasant taste.
By adding our syrup to your coffee, you can enjoy the true taste of caramel pleasure without worrying about your calorie balance. You can also use it in other beverages, desserts or treats to add caramel sweetness. Give your coffee a unique character today!

  • 0 kcal in portion
  • natural flavouring
  • no added sugar and fat
  • sweetened with natural stevia
  • vegan and keto friendly
  • gluten free
  • three amazing flavours available: caramel, gingerbread, vanilla